Embracing the GrandmaCore Trend

Embracing the GrandmaCore Trend

At Sparrow and Sea Home Company, we don’t usually follow interior design trends - we believe you should fill your home with objects that bring you joy. However, the current #grandmacore trend has caught our attention!

The #grandmacore home decor trend celebrates nostalgia, warmth, and coziness reminiscent of a grandmother’s house. Embracing vintage aesthetics, floral patterns and lace accents, grandmacore infuses spaces with a sense of comfort and familiarity. Heirloom knick-knacks and decorative objects bring a personal touch, while soft, muted colors evoke a sense of tranquility.

The trend embraces mismatched patterns and eclectic combinations, creating spaces that feel lived-in and inviting. Incorporating elements like vintage teacups, tableware, and decorative accents with aged patina adds a whimsical touch, evoking fond memories of times gone by. Grandmacore transforms homes into havens of nostalgia, where every corner tells a story and every piece has a history, celebrating the timeless beauty of yesteryears.

Visit us at www.sparrowandseahomeco.com to see our collection of antique, vintage and decorative treasures, and add a layer of nostalgia, warmth and character to your decor. And follow along @sparrowandseahomeco on Instagram for more inspiration. We hope you enjoy the #grandmacore trend as much as we do!

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